About Diamond Die and Bevel Cutting

For the last 30 years, Diamond Die and Bevel Cutting has provided clients around the world with custom solutions for their matboard projects. From big clients like Walgreens and Hobby Lobby to mom-and-pop print shops, we’ve helped bring custom matboard services and printing finishing projects to life at great value and on time.

We’ve transformed 50,000,000+ sheets  of matboard into finished pieces of Matboard for dozens of clients at home and around the world. And we’d love to help you, too!

On our print finishing side we have custom die-cut and delivered over 1,000,000+ folders and foil stamped products to our customers. millions of pieces, as well.

Needless to say, we have the experience you are looking for, the pricing you want, and the turnaround time you require.

Happy Customers

We have an exclusive relationship with Crescent Cardboard, we are able to provide rapid turn arounds and sharp pricing for your project. 

“This company is amazing! I had been looking for over a month for a company that could print my watercolor designs on art mat board, and reached out to DDBC when I saw that they created custom mat boards. Scott could not have been more helpful and communicative, and the samples that I ordered arrived within a couple of days of placing the order, and they were carefully packaged, and absolutely beautiful! I am so excited to place my full order with them next week- if not for them, this project would not have been possible!” 

Riley S.

I’ve worked with Scott over the past years and my projects have always come out correct and on time. I highly recommend using their services for big jobs.” 

Cole G.

Scott and his team at Diamond Die & Bevel Cutting are fantastic! The quality and pricing of their products can’t be beat and they were flexible with working in our production timeframe. They were super helpful throughout the whole process and we would recommend them to anyone!” 

Lauren P.

Highly recommend Diamond Die & Bevel Cutting! Have used DDBC for over 20+ years. Mark and Stacy are awesome and have a “get it done” attitude that really helps us stay on time and look great with our customers. Mark also takes the time to really look at our jobs and if he sees something that doesn’t look right he is on the phone to discuss. Great partnership!” 

Jenny G.

Diamond Die & Bevel have handled some pretty unique requests from me in the past and always produced top quality results. Whenever I have a project that needs to be the best, these are the guys I go to. Very good value for the money as well!” 

Don K.

They are very nice to deal with. If you have any concerns about a job. Diamond Die will help you in anyway they can. I would recommend them to everyone.” 

Jim P.



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NEW CUSTOMERS receive $50 OFF 1st order!
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